The original Backpackboyz black on black bomber jacket, made of 24 ounce black wool body with black wool sleeves. Includes 8 custom embordered patches; two on the front – 5 Points LA & Backpackboyz. Three custom product patches down the right arm – Lemon Cherry Gelato, Black Cherry Gelato & White Cherry Gelato. Two small custom patches of 5 Points LA & Backpackboyz at the end of sleeves and one large custom Backpackboyz on the backside. This is truly a custom design.

  • Classic Collar
  • Wool Body Color: Black
  • Wool Sleeve Color: Black
  • Snap Color: Black
  • Wool Pocket Color: Black
  • Knit Trim Pattern: 2 Stripes
  • Knit Trim Base Color: Black
  • Knit Trim Stripes Color: Red
  • Jacket lining: Lightweight