Papa & Barkley’s Living Tincture, the only raw THCa tincture made with fresh-frozen cannabis and

MCT oil, promotes overall wellness with a full spectrum of cannabinoids and natural terpene profile.

Experience an unrivaled taste and terpene profile straight from the farm. Like cold-pressed juice,

our THCa tincture keeps all the raw plant components intact. Feel the gradual benefits of THC

without immediate intoxication.


Available in 15ml and 30ml.


Our Living Tincture has both analgesic properties and can help you stay focused and alert when you need it most.

For the fastest results, use the Living Tincture sublingually by dropping your dose under the tongue

and hold for 15 seconds until absorbed. Store in a cool to room temperature setting and keep away

from direct sunlight.

Ingredients: MCT Oil, Cannabis.