Wedding Cake Cured Resin Sauce Cart


About The Brand


Pacific Stone

From Our Family to You Pacific Stone is a labor of love from a group of friends and family in Southern

California. We only sell what we grow. Nothing is outsourced. Pacific Stone cultivates, cures, and packages

cannabis direct from our farm to you. You can be sure every flower we grow and package has been tended to

by our team’s caring hands. Our core focus is to deliver high quality Pacific Stone flower, at the Pacific Stone

price. That means a premium smoke at a low price, so everyone can enjoy. Pacific Stone is located in sunny

Santa Barbara on the Pacific Coast. It was established by a group of family and friends who share a dynamic

passion for growing clean, consistent, and affordable cannabis. Enhance the good times and enjoy the simple

pleasures of shareable, memorable moments. Experience an adventurous new world where excellent cannabis

is accessible, affordable, and deliciously smokable.

Wedding Cake Cured Resin  Taste and experience Pacific Stone cannabis with Pacific Stone cured resin. Extracted

exclusively from the sun-grown indoor greenhouse flower we grow & cure, our cured resin is the most convenient

and potent way to enjoy our Pacific Stone Wedding Cake strain. 1g Cured Resin Sauce 510 Cartridge Per Pack

THC: 69.01%



Weight 1 g