BPB Bomber Jacket Black


BPB Bomber Jacket Black the original Backpackboyz black on black bomber jacket, made of 24 ounce black wool body with black wool sleeves. BPB Bomber Jacket Black Includes 8 custom embordered patches; two on the front – 5 Points LA & Backpackboyz. Three custom product patches down the right arm – Lemon Cherry Gelato, Black Cherry Gelato & White Cherry Gelato. Two small custom patches of 5 Points LA & Backpackboyz at the end of sleeves and one large custom Backpackboyz on the backside. This is truly a custom design. Buy Bomper Jacket In NYC,Buy Black Bomper Jacket In USA

  • Classic Collar
  • Wool Body Color: Black
  • Wool Sleeve Color: Black
  • Snap Color: Black
  • Wool Pocket Color: Black
  • Knit Trim Pattern: 2 Stripes
  • Knit Trim Base Color: Black
  • Knit Trim Stripes Color: White
  • Jacket lining: Lightweight


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